Why is it so hard to convince young people of the truth of the gospel?

 A Foundation of Mistrust

By Pastor Robert L Davis


Everyone can agree that it is much more difficult to get people interested in Jesus Christ, and by extension salvation, in todayís world. The difficulty is rooted in a deep-seated mistrust on everything that seems to offer hope without work or other price. This attitude may be cynical but it is not without reason. One of the major reasons that we are not able to get people in general and our children in particular to listen to the gospel is that they have been conditioned to distrust everything that they are told. Obviously this conditioning is not intended and therefore is not acknowledge by society and the church, but it is non-the-less systematic and continuous.  Our children are being taught not to trust their parents, teachers, church members, and government, and they are being taught to do so by the same parent, teachers, church and government. The foundation of this mistrust is laid when the child is very young and it is still being supported today. The cause of this mistrust is the holidays that we often insist are harmless.


There are many things that lay the foundation of trust for a child when he is young. At the beginning the child places total and complete trust in the parents. They extend this trust to the family, church, school, and government through the approval of the same parents. If all those responsible for the healthy upbringing of the child taught and practiced honesty and truth, the child would never have a reason to mistrust and would grow up into an obedient and trusting teenager and adult. So then why are there precious few obedient teenagers and young adults. The reason is that those who are responsible for their healthy upbringing have instead deceived and betrayed them. This deceit starts at a very early age and continues usually until death. Not only so, but the child is expected to participate in the deceptions once they reach adulthood. The deceptions that I am talking about are our worshipping of false gods through the celebration of false holidays.


To put it simply, a child trusts everything he hears from those around him from birth. When the child is young we teach them about Christmas. We say that there is a Santa that sees all and knows, and that Santa will come at the end of the year and give rewards to those who have been good and hot coals to those who have done bad. The child never sees Santa but they believe in this unseen and omnipotent false god because the parents constantly affirm his existence and infallibility. The school also affirms it as well as businesses and the government.  So, what happens when the child come of age and recognize that there is not Santa? Then comes the realization that the parents, community, church, and government have all conspired to deceive them regarding this thing called Christmas and this god called Santa. The problem is that, while the parents see no difficulty in convincing the two year old child of this unseen and benevolent god that is all-seeing and all-knowing, they almost unanimously believe that the same child is incapable of believing in Jesus. They will tell you that the child cannot grasp the complicated concepts of God, while at the same time proving just the opposite. If your child can believe in a false god known as Santa, then they can believe in the true God who is Jesus. All of the necessary factors required for belief in one are required in the other. The fact is that when the parent is given the option of teaching a child the truth or a lie, the parent chooses to teach the lie. The lie will be uncovered in a matter of years and the trust that the child placed in the parent will be destroyed. Now children will not be able to articulate what they are feeling in an adult way so that the parent never realizes that what they child is feeling is hurt and betrayal.


When we compound this picture with the false teaching of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Halloween, what we find is that all of these holidays are laying a solid foundation for the child not to trust parent, church, community, or government.  What happens with the gospel is that Christ is thrown into the same category as all of these false teaching and the child grows up not being able to distinguish Jesus from the rest. This leads to there being and unwillingness to invest their trust in God because they have already been lied to about Santa. This is what Satan planned when he inspired the church to involve itself in these pagan holidays. This is what Satan depends on with the parents, that they will not have the courage to cut-off the celebrating of these false gods and to only worship the true God. Satanís best weapon for keeping souls on the road to hell is tradition and his best soldiers for employing that weapon are the parents. Without the consent of the parent false gods such as Santa wouldnít exist. The problem is that Satan has had this plan in operation for hundred of years and parents are themselves victims of this mistrust. Yet, rather than breaking the cycle of lies and deceit, parents are deceived into engaging in a vain display of affluence for the purpose of self-glorification. Christmas has enticed the parents with vanity, the church with a sense of false spirituality and love, the business without outrageous profits and the government with a dependable source of tax revenue. Therefore, even though adults know that there is no such thing as Santa, they still have not awaken to the fact that there is no such thing as Christmas.  God has no part in Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or any other false belief. All of these things are being maintained to support the vanity and greed of parents and society.


What does the indulgence in these things cost us? The answer is simple. It costs us the souls of our children. There are countless kids and teenagers dying every day that have not accepted Christ. The bible tells us that we should train up our children in the way that hey should go and when they are old they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22). Our problem is that we are training up generation after generation to worship false gods and this is why they will not listen to anything we have to say about a real God. Of the five major things that children learn involving holidays and worship, four of them are proven to be false before the child reaches ten. It is only natural that the child concludes that the fifth is false also. Since Satan could not destroy the truth, he has engaged the parent to overwhelm the child with so many lies that frustration and dejections sets in before they can discover the real truth. The bible tells us in Romans 10 that those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved, but that you cannot call on someone in whom you do not believe and that you cannot believe unless you hear. Satan has used parents to create a situation that causes children not to truly hear anything that they say. This problem does not limit itself to their salvation but it manifests itself in other ways. Telling kids to avoid drugs appear to them to be the same lie we tell about witches, yet they are allowed to go out with the witches on Halloween. If it can be done on one day, why no every day? This is why teenagers do not listen about sex and end up having so many teenage mothers. This is why teenagers donít listen about drugs and end up destroying themselves. This is why so many teenagers are attracted to gangs, because gangs carry a sense of honor and fellowship that does not lie or betray the members. The teenager is seeking in the gang what they thought they had at two, but discover was a lie. They gravitate to gangs because they can relate to the others that have been deceived and betrayed.


If we want our children to get saved and start to turn their lives around, we as parents must get serious and start to get our act together. Let us stop sacrificing our children on that altar of vanity and stand up and state that Christmas is a lie, Easter is a lie, Halloween is a lie, and Tooth Fairy is a lie. Let us start to show our children that our words are words of truth and then we can command the respect that we desire from them. But if we continue in these lying holidays and practices, why should we expect obedience and trust. No one trusts a LIAR and for generations parents have raised their children on a foundation of lies that makes their distrust of the gospel understandable and tragic. Destroy the foundation of mistrust by casting out false gods and holding up the true Savior, Jesus Christ.