Heaven has no Feminine Side

By Pastor Robert L Davis

There are some amazing things that saints do not realize about the heavenly kingdom that awaits us. One of the amazing things is that there are no females in heaven. This is a fact that has been overlooked by many, partly because we simply assumed that men would go to heaven as men, and women would go to heaven as women. This is not the case. Based on the scriptures there is no feminine being in the kingdom of God. Moreover, I have found that, based upon the knowledge of Godís intentions for man, that there do not exist any female beings within the spiritual realms, very possibly, females exist only in this particular creation. This may seem a startling statement, but the scriptures and the understanding of Godís plan, bears this out. One thing must be pointed out, lest the fairer sex take offense, and that is the fact that women are a unique creation of God and men on this earth are probably the only beings blessed with their presence.


Before I present the scriptural support for this fact, I first ask you to consider all of the occasions in the bible that involve angels or heavenly beings. In every instance, the beings are male and not female. All of the angels mentioned, Gabriel, Michael, Satan, Apollyon, and Beelzebub are all male. The angels around the throne have the heads of various beasts and the head of a man. All encounters with spiritual creatures have revealed them to be male, without exception. There is one passage that can be confusing if not understood properly, and that passage is in Zechariah five. Here it mentions two women that have the wings of storks. In this instance, they refer to the angel as male and the others as two women. The two women in this instance are not heavenly creatures but they represent Judah (Jerusalem) and Israel (Sammaria). The word for women in this event can be translated ďadulteressesĒ. The passage shows the two as women because they represent the bride of Christ. In other places they are referred to as two sisters, Aholibah and Aholah (Ezekiel 23). These are not angels, but they represent the spirit of the two parts of Israel.


One indication that there are no females in the kingdom of heaven is found in the fact that the angels came down to earth to take women as wives (Genesis 6:1-5). They had to come to earth because there were no women in heaven. The scriptures tell us that when we are resurrected we will be neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free, male or female.  (Galatians 3:28). Another scripture (Matthew 22:30) tells us that we will neither marry nor be given in marriage, but that we will be as the angels in heaven. These scriptures clearly indicate that there  will not be two genders in heaven, but the question as to why still must be answered. Why do angels not marry? Why are there no females in heaven?  This does not mean that women will not go to heaven; it simply means that when we are saved we become a new creature (II Corinthians 5:17), and the new creatures are male and not female.  But still the question is why.


The reason that there are no females in the spiritual realm is simply because there is no need for such a creature. To understand why females are not needed in the spiritual kingdom requires an understanding of why they are needed in the natural. It is based on Godís will to create man in His own image (Genesis 1:26).  A part of creating man in His image was to give man the powers that God has, only on a lower, natural level. God gave man a miniature version of His authority, power, dominion, wisdom and free will. One thing that man did not have was the ability to create life. To give man this sense of Godís ability, God created a woman, through whom man could procreate, thereby mimicking the creative power of God. The need to have children is essential if man was to have the sense of eternal life. Man lives on in his progeny as a reflection of Godís eternal life.  Since man is the only creature created in the image of God, at least in this creation, then man is the only being that needed a female creature for the purpose of procreation. Of course all things under manís authority are given that power of procreation, therefore all animals have male and females of the species. The reason that angels do not have a female gender is that they are created as eternal being from the beginning. There is no need for them to attempt to live on through their children because they are going to live on as a matter of eternal creation. Everything in the spiritual realm is eternal; therefore nothing there needs a female counterpart to produce life.


The fact that Adam could produce children through Eve plays a very important role in our salvation. If we all had not inherited our sin from Adam, we would have to all have an individual savior. Jesus can redeem us because we inherited our sin at conception rather than committing sin as Adam did. Adamís corrupt blood is automatically transferred to us at birth (Romans 5:18); therefore, we do not have a choice of selecting to be a sinner or not. God created man that man would have a free will, but Adamís fall denied us the freedom of choosing. Therefore, when Jesus redeemed Adam, He purchased for every man the right to make a choice. Choose Christ and be saved or else be damned. The fact that the children of Adam were denied the free will to choose is what caused God to set in place the plan of redemption. If Adam were not given the woman as a means of procreating, men would be as the angels, without a Savior.


Godís reason for creating the woman can speak to many social questions of today, particularly that of homosexuality. When we understand that Godís intent was that man should bring forth children, we can easily see that God does not condone a practice that make void that purpose. Homosexuality is such a practice and it is an abomination to God. The question of abortion can also be answered with this knowledge because it clearly explains the one overriding reason why women were created, which was to bring forth children. Any practice that aborts or frustrates this purpose is sin and contrary to Godís will for man. This understanding should also correct the error in many relationships in which the roles of men and women are reversed. God created the two different for a reason and it is contrary to Godís will for either to switch roles with the other. God recognizes the man as the head of the family and His view is not going to change. If we alter His plan for us, regardless of whether it is acceptable to society, God will not recognize it as a family.


The fact is that there are no females in heaven because God did not ordain that they should be there. There is no need for a partner in procreation in a place where there will be no procreation. It is also a fact that women are so special that many angels gave up their first estate (Jude 1:6) (left heaven) to live with them. The fact is that in heaven we as saints will all be like Jesus, in body, soul and spirit. All new creatures will have the type of body that Jesus has (Phi 3:21) and we will all be eternalí not needing to have children.  Women will go to heaven just as men will, but in heaven we will all have the same type of body. In heaven there will not be mates or wives or female because there will not be procreation. This is why there are no feminine creatures in the spiritual kingdom. May God Bless You. THE END

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